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In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
-Thomas Jefferson

What Joe Hines Believes: 

The government sometimes needs a fresh and different perspective—a business perspective—in order to become more efficient and more responsive to the needs of the citizens.  As a business owner and board member of his company, Joe makes tough decisions on a daily basis. He also understands the importance of hard work, living within your means, and knowing the needs of constituents, and he plans to bring that same relentless approach as he fights for our district.


Joe grew up right here in Southside Virginia. From a young age, he hunted and fished on his family’s farm. Joe understands our district and our values; he has lived them. A principled conservative -- we can trust Joe to protect our liberties, our constitutional rights, and our values. As our State Senator, Joe will…



Government regulation costs time and money and can result in incredible delays. As an engineer and economic developer, Joe has seen firsthand how projects vital to the welfare of communities are slowed by excessive regulations and extensive permitting timelines.  No more!


Joe will stand up for:

-Our property rights,

-Our religious freedoms,

-No unfunded mandates for local governments,

-Our businesses and localities by cutting red tape,

-Our economic development professionals by streamlining the permitting process,

-Our children by improving education and our schools, and

-Our values by keeping government out of our lives.


Joe is a staunch Second Amendment advocate, business leader, and true conservative.   Joe understands that better government sometimes means smaller and more efficient government!



IT'S ALL ABOUT JOBS AND CREATING BETTER OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR CITIZENS!   Southside Virginia is not only home to tremendous beauty, it is also primed for incredible economic development opportunity. As our State Representative, Joe will put his extensive business and economic development experience to work every day to promote our businesses and resources. He will be our voice, bringing global markets to our doorstep, and he will be our advocate as we seek to increase our competitive advantage.


Joe is the ONLY proven business leader running to be our Senator. Moreover, he is the ONLY candidate who has in-depth experience on how to work with our agricultural producers, business owners and economic developers to build a cohesive growth strategy, and make certain that all in Southside Virginia have the opportunity to succeed and provide a better life for their family.



Too often, we elect politicians who go to Richmond and “play the game.” It’s time we have a representative who will put us and the needs of our district above political expediency. As our State Senator, Joe will always put our district first!


Rural Virginia needs an advocate, and southside needs a leader who will focus on its citizens. That’s why Joe is committed to running as an independent conservative. While always standing true to principles, Joe will never place party loyalty over people nor vote against the interests of his constituents because party leadership tells him to. He will be the true independent and strong conservative we need fighting for us.


Freedom is not Free!  Our veterans have given SO MUCH to allow us to have a FREE country and have ASKED SO LITTLE of our society in return.  Joe will do everything he can to protect those who vowed to give their life to serve and protect our Country.  Please watch this video and know that every soldier can have my headline:


Public Safety and Homeland Security are critical to protecting our citizens, and must be robust to have a safe and free society.  As our State Senator, Joe will make sure Law Enforcement and First Responders such as Fire and Rescue are funded to ensure the long-term well being of our citizens. 



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